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Mari Druna

The Fiona Cardigan

The Fiona Cardigan

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If there’s a perfect spring sweater, then it’s Fiona. This Maridruna model is an ode to femininity. One of our favorite ways to wear Fiona is to combine it with even more feminine details, such as a silk shirt and lingerie that can be a little transparent. Fiona is gentle but conspicuous,. imbued with the allure of simple elegance that leaves no one indifferent.
You can wear Fiona on festive occasions with trousers and skirts, but also with jeans and a beret, with a shirt underneath, or a scarf around your neck. Although it may not seem so at first glance, this model asks you to show a little fashion courage – it will reward you a hundredfold!

It takes seven days for knitters from the Maridruna team to make one-color Fiona sweaters. However, knitting a Fiona rainbow model, takes ten days, due to the colors that overflow, and each end of the sweater is cut and hand-joined with the other

Hand Knit in Serbia.

100% Mohair. 

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